The Sidecar Story

design and function

"Sidecar was designed as this gorgeous accessory, a statement piece, that does not sacrifice utility in the design"- Stacey

What is now Sidecar, started as a bright idea to solve the struggle of carrying and traveling with hats... fashionably! Sidecar was created to be your new BFF, always by your side. The Sidecar OG and the Sidecar brand symbolize friendship, family, support and exploration. Get out there, connect with each other, see the world, support each other and engage in your community!

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Dear Sidecar Sister,

Life is meant to be experienced in style, I hope you love wearing Sidecar. Sidecar was created with you and your adventures in mind. Think of all the places you'll go together! I'll be cheering you on each step of the way.

Stacey. akaSidecar Sister OG

The Product

Every fashionista needs this little miracle worker in her closet! The three piece Sidecar OG set, which includes the patented Sidecar Clip, the adjustable Side Strap and the affixable Side Piece, is our fashionably fun, hands-free, wearable solution to your hat and accessory carrying struggle.⁠ Featuring six ways to wear, the patented Sidecar clip is 24 karat gold plated and the perfect accessory to any wardrobe!

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