Our Sidecar Story

The friendship started over 20 some years ago....their Sidecar story began!

In 2017 when, one week after a very fun girls trip, Carley was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer. What followed was a succession of appointments with Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists and Rectal Surgeons. The stroke of luck for Carley was since her case was rare due to her age, she started treatment at Sloan Kettering in New York City. Sloan Kettering specializes in organ preservation, thus an alternate approach to the common treatment of a colostomy bag.

Through this lonely, embarrassing and extremely delicate stage of Carley’s life, her friends rallied for her and with her. Her New York friends created a weekly signup for who could take Carley to her various appointments, check in on her and provide support.

Upon diagnosis, Stacey flew to New York and became part of the team, as Carley likes to phrase it to “Save Carley’s Ass”. Several trips to New York, Sloan appointments, intense conversations and probably 50 horror movies watched, the two besties decided should Carley survive rectal cancer, they were going to take the leap and actually create a business and bring Carley’s design of what is now The Sidecar OG, to life!

Three years later, after many designs, triumphs and failures the patented Sidecar OG is a gorgeous, functional reality!

Sidecar was born out of, and truly signifies, the powerful bond of friendship.

Our hope is that our Sidecar products inspire you to explore this magnificent world

With lifelong friends plus new friends you meet along the way. Create those connecting moments, support one another and laugh, a lot!


Stacey and Carley

The Sidecar Sisters OG