Our Favorite Hat Companies

Show off your Sidecar with a new favorite hat. It’s your new statement! 

These are just a few of the hat companies we are currently obsessed with and why…


  1. Wander Hat Co. 

Inspired by the past and the long lost art of hat making in the US founder Julia Warter creates pieces for today and for “the wanderers”. What’s not to love about that!

Current winners for us are The Houston in Rain ($159) and the coming soon must have The Capitola in Cream!

2. Bone by Dawn 

We love this eclectic lifestyle brand as founder Dawn Dafgek has married East and West coast style very artfully. “A mix of East coast edge and West coast bohemian”.

Not to mention she’s a strong force in supporting women and inspiring them to go after their dreams.

Current winners for us are Coyote ($195) and Lotus ($250). However, bucket list order is her

Healing hat you can order customized with healing crystals inserted in the hat band.

3. Nick Fouquet 

For the ultimate in luxury cool there’s Nick Fouquet from Venice, CA.

Nick proclaims his brand is an extension of his soul and creativity. The mix of adventure and style in his hats are breath taking. His designs “come from travel, art, love, family and self. It’s a psychedelic bourgeoisie bohemian experience.” We are totally IN!

Current winners for us are Ses Boques ($675) and Bioluminescent in felt ($1,325)

4. Goorin Bros.  

Shout out to the most established family owned and operated hat maker in America.

Known as “the bold hat makers” they believe a well made hat is an investment in you and your future. They aim to build connection and growth and build relationships, a very similar credo to ours! Current winners for us are the Joelle Rose fedora ($180) and The Yaleman fedora ($250).